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About Holiday Mappers

Holiday Mappers were created by Ivo HabĂĄn as the label of the high quality orienteering maps, made mostly by Czech mapmakers. Those mapmakers have often a different working professions, but they make orienteering maps on the top level. That people joined the passion for orienteering and friendship. Holiday Mappers have mapping and travelling in their blood and they can't exist longer time without. The name was created as a joke due the fact, that many mapmakers we cooperate with have mapping as a half-time job and they have to take a holiday for it. It is allowed to their fanatism and thanks to the understanding of their families and partners.

Holiday Mappers is the sign of quality. Reach this result is possible by two ways. Make every map by your own (one map-one mapmaker) or choose the mapping team very carefully and don't work with too many people in one project.

During last 20 years Holiday Mappers were glad to cooperate with the greatest icons of czech and the world mapping scene like Zdeněk Lenhart, Petr Hranička, Petr Mareček (mapmakers of WOC 2008), Evžen Cigoπ, Vlastislav Šebesta and also with current mapmakers who make the course like Radim Ondráček, Luděk Krtička, Zdeněk Sokolář and others.

Mappers from the Czech Republic, generally belongs among the world leaders. Many of them do the maps professionally at international level. The list of names able to make a good map would undoubtedly include two or three dozen mapmakers. Not all combinations can be freely interbreed because the mapping remains still also in the digital era demanding mental process. Create a good map remains a hard work.