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About me

I start with orienteering when I was 9 years old. The first o-map I made in 1992. Since 1999 I produce the maps on the professional level. Mapping is my occasional work as well as a specific type of relaxation.

I have mapped in seven European countries and China. My maps were used for World Cup, Austrian, Czech, French, Slovenian and Spanish national championships, for world ranking and national competitions, MTBO and other events.

My field is history of art. I concentrated on German-speaking artists in interwar Czechoslovakia. Currently work at the National institute for historical monuments in Liberec.

Orienteering is a part of my life. Many of my friends are orienteers. 19 years I run for orienteering club Tesla Brno. Since 2006 member of Slavia Liberec orienteering. In the youth classes I won three times czech national championship (1992, 1993, 1995). In the period 2001-2003 competed in the elite category and I try it without proper training unsuccessfully until now. I compete for fun.

Within the last 20 years I have participated on more than 70 mapping projects, in cooperation with more than 30 mapmakers.

Every new mapping project is moving me far. At some point I felt that now I can make maps very well. It wasn´t true, of course. Mapping is the mental activity. The developing is not only a question of technologies, also the perception of mapmaker and the way how we can interpret reality is changing. I try to reduce non-important details to reach the better readability, what caused me as a member of so-called "Brno-Lenhart-school" problems in the past.

There comes GPS, LIDAR, UMPC, rangefinders. Classical mapping has new alternative, massive using of UMPC is a question of time. The technologies help to eliminate the mistakes of classical measuring and make the work in the hard terrain more easy. To make a good map means still first of all to be sensitive and have a good eye for the contours. Vegetation is a question of the view. Clear, readable ocad drawing should go without saying.

Using new technologies could spare time in some phase of construction of the map and due this make the mapping process more effective and the map cheaper generally. But the mapmaking still needs the time and the eternal delay of mapmakers seems to be neverending story.