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Monte della Cavalla | 1:10 000, 1:15 000 | e = 5m | Italy | 2010
region Liguria - Gorreto - Fontanarossa        Google maps
Trofeo delle regioni (Cup of Regions), long, 25th September 2011, Delegazione Liguria
basemap: ortophoto, CTR 1:10 000
April 2011: Jiří Daněk, Jan Drbal (25% of the area), Rudi de Ferrari, Zdeněk Sokolář

8th September 2011 | Jan Drbal
At the same time as "Ivo's" World Cup in Liberec, Cup of Regions - Italian Champioship of regional teams - will take place in Liguria in Northern Italy. We mapped the map Cugnu du Rizzo for relay already last year, while the map Monte della Cavalla for Sunday's individual long this year in April. We arrived with Čenda (Zdeněk) and Jiří Daněk and of course we were headed by Rudi.
I really don't want to scare runners, but there is 285m of elevation at 800m of horizontal distance between the lowest and highest point of my small part of the map. Would you rather run it up or down?

Sample of the map

Original drawing by Jan Drbal

Sample of the basemap, ortophoto

Sample of the basemap, CTR 1:10 000