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1 |   Druzcovský les | Czech Rebublic
Very nice mostly fast forest on the south uphill of the Jested with the local stony areas and changeable density of vegetation, a lot of blueberries there. Some places appear lower visibility like in scandinavian types of forest.
It is a typical mapmakers obsession to have o-map behind the house. There is my grandfather´s house not far from here.

2 |   Jestedský hreben | Czech Rebublic
In the longer view I think about the big hilly map on the both sides of Jested. Wild, wonderful, very steep mountain terrain with the rocks and stony fields in the top parts, and with marshes, seperate stones and many vegetation details in the lower parts. The problem is with the entry in the nature park.
The terrain is suitable for czech championship in classic

For a long time I am interested in mapping in Spain, which is beatiful country, or everywhere in the south, especially during autumn and winter months. Winter time in middle Europe is not my favorite.
I have never been mapping in Great Britain or in Scandinavia. My plans for the mapping in Alaska break down. Is it ever come?